Have A Superhero Themed Movie Night!

March 23rd, 2020 by

There’s nothing better than having the whole family home together. Truly, what more could you ask for? Maybe your kids are in school and you hardly see them, or maybe they’re off at college and don’t come home as often as you’d like. Or maybe everyone lives at home, but has busy schedules that don’t always allow for quality time. Either way, you’re home now, and you should take advantage of the the time you have. Might we suggest a family night? Even better, a family movie night. Gather everyone in one room, turn on the big screen, and get ready for a themed movie night that everyone will enjoy! Here’s some inspo.

Up, Up, And Away
One idea for family fun is a superhero-themed movie night. Step one is always coming up with your list of films. Pick some new and some old, and write down the order you’d like to watch them in. You can stack as many as you’d like! A few quick recommendations are any from the X-Men or Avengers series, and the Batman films.

Next, come up with some themed games and snacks. A fun game to try is “Name 5” (printout included in the link) where you pick a category and the crowd has to name 5 things related to it. Impress everyone with how much you know about these movies! For food, be sure to load up on movie snacks, as this can make or break a movie night. Treats like milk and cookies, popcorn and soda, and anything else you can think of can be topped off with printable treat toppers. Mark your snacks with your favorite hero so everyone knows what is yours.

Lastly, to make everyone feel extra special, print off cute hero-themed cards (in link) that read sweet words like “You are as brave as Batman,” or “You are as strong as the Hulk.” These are on-theme and sure to make someone feel good about themselves.

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The Real Hero
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