Quick Ways To Decorate For Spring

March 30th, 2020 by

We all need a little bit of a fresh start after winter, and spring is the perfect time to get the ball rolling on any projects you’ve had piling up over the last few months! One of those projects might have been to freshen up the living room, and if that’s the case, you’re in luck, because we know of a few simple tips that can transform your shared space and put a smile on the whole family’s face! Just follow these steps and you’ll be relaxing in your new room in no time.

Something Sour
It might sound silly, but lemons make the perfect decoration in your home. Not only are they in season and very fresh and bright this time of year, but they are also an engaging pop of color that will catch the eye of everyone that steps foot in your living room! Fill a glass vase or a light-colored bowl with a few lemons, and you have a very inexpensive and memorizing centerpiece.

Pop of Color
Just like the lemons, a pop of color goes a long way. If you can throw in some color in an unexpected place, it will end up giving your room the burst of brightness that it needs, especially coming out of the winter months when you might have kept things pretty neutral. A piece of multicolored art or floral shelf liners will do the trick, and you can even go a step further and paint a shelf bright yellow or blue.

The Brighter the Pillows
Step three is to make sure your pillows are seasonally appropriate. Put away your velvet pillows, hide the black and dark red, and bust out the bright orange, coral, yellow, green, and other fun colors for a needed refresh. Cotton ones will work the best, as the lighter fabric is more in season.

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Fresh Blooms
Pops of color are refreshing, and so are pops of greenery! It’s time to stock up on mini succulents and little plants or flowers that will not only clean your air literally, but also clean it up visually.

These easy steps will take you from winter to spring in just a matter of a few tweaks. Enjoy your new space!

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